Biking Activities for Different Age Groups

One of the significant aspects of bicycle riding is that there is a category of activity which is appropriate for different age groups.


Most children start out by riding a tricycle, then graduate to a bicycle. The most common activity they enjoy at this age, is being able to ride around their neighbourhood. Often, they have a group of friends who have bikes as well, and as a group, they will use this as their mode of transportation.


As the kids progress into their teens, they may want to do more with their bikes. This is the age where they start to become interested in what feats they can complete with their bicycles. Now is the time they set their sights on a specific type of bike. For example, they may want a dirt bike so they can do all kinds of neat manoeuvres on them.


Many adults will turn to bicycle riding for a variety of reasons. One of the most popular ones is as a form of exercise. Some will go on daily bike riding excursions to help them lose weight and become fit. Then there are those who like to make bicycle riding a family affair. They will use this activity as a way for the family to do something fun together.


There are a lot of people, who, as they get older, want to have some form of exercise, which they find fun and interesting. Some will see bicycle riding as a great choice. The older riders like to go for slow leisurely rides, and will often seek out bike trails to enjoy this activity in a safe environment.

What it comes down to, is that bicycle riding can be appropriate for any age group. This is undoubted because there are so many options when it comes to the choice of bicycles. Plus, there are a variety of different bicycle activities which are age appropriate.