How to Ride a Bicycle

One of the best activities for entertainment, as well as for your health, is bicycling. It takes a little bit of time to learn how to do this properly, but there are some simple but necessary steps to take, to help build your cycling skills.

Different Reasons for Wanting to Use a Bicycle

If you are going to put all your effort into learning how to ride a bicycle properly, you need to have a good reason as to why you want to do this. Some people want to use a bike as their means of transportation for going back and forth to work, or for getting around Birmingham. Others want to do it as a social event. Then there are those who want to enjoy it as a form of exercise.

Steps for Learning to Cycle

There are several steps that you can go through which will help you master bicycle riding.

  • Starting on the right surface: Until you feel that you are in control of the bike, you should only ride on flat surfaces like pavement or a road where there is little traffic.
  • Adjusting the seat: You must feel comfortable on the bike and be able to reach the pedals properly. You can achieve this by adjusting the bike seat.
  • One foot on the ground: Start with one foot on the ground as you glide along for a short distance.
  • Eyes ahead: Don’t look down at the ground but instead focus straight ahead of you.
  • Both feet on the pedals: Once you feel comfortable, lift your second foot and put it on the pedal and start pedalling.

You may have to redo these starter steps a few times until you learn how to balance yourself on the bicycle. Have a little patience as you will be able to grasp it in a short period. Don’t venture out for long distances or in traffic until you have full control of the bicycle.