Choosing the Right Bicycle for You

If you are going to get hold of a bicycle, then your first task is to choose the right one for you. For those who are new to this activity, individuals may not realise different types of bikes are used for a variety of purposes.

Different Types of Bicycles

With there being apparently so many different versions of bikes, it can be a bit of challenge in getting hold of one which is best suited for what you want to use it for. Some common bicycles are:

  • Road bikes
  • Mountain bikes
  • Hybrid bikes
  • Cruisers

Bicycles can be broken down into further categories such as tandem bikes, those with fixed gears, or BMX bikes.

The Proper Fit

No matter which bicycle you choose, it must be the proper fit which relates to the frame size. Bicycle experts suggest you should determine what your inseam is on your pants, then the frame size of the bike should be approximately .65x the inseam.

Also, make sure that you can grasp the handlebars comfortably. You may need to make some seat adjustments to help you with this.

The Bicycle Use

Knowing what you are going to use the bicycle for the most, will also help you choose the right bike. If you are going to be riding over rough terrain, then the bike suspension will be important. For road riding activities you may not need a bicycle with suspension.

Braking System

No matter which type of the many bikes you buy, you want one which has a quality braking system. You will undoubtedly have some options to choose from. Some of the brake types are:

  • Disc brakes
  • Coaster brakes
  • Drum brakes
  • Rim brakes

Additional things which you may want to consider, are specific bike brands, and most likely, the price will be a factor as well. Bicycles have a wide range of prices, so you should be able to find one which fits into your budget.