How to Choose a Bicycle Club

For those who are new to bicycle riding, they are in for some great experiences. There are many different choices one can make for their bike riding activities. Some of these choices include finding the best bike riding routes, and another is joining a bicycle club.

Bike Riding Routes

Throughout Birmingham and other parts of the UK, there are numerous bike riding routes. Even a beginner cyclist should have no difficulty in finding some great cycling routes in their region. There are other options for being able to find some of the best routes.

Joining a Bicycle Club

These organisations are the best for being able to find a whole variety of bike routes. But, they also offer some other great benefits. By joining a bicycle club, it means being able to meet others who have the same interests. There are different types of bike clubs, so it is essential to choose the one that is best suited for you.

Touring Bicycle Clubs

One of the favourite types of bicycle clubs are the recreational touring ones. These are organisations who focus on planning bike riding events. They will offer a variety of tours which range from short distance to long distance riding trips. Quite often, they will also hold other social events for their members, such as festivals or pot luck gatherings. Some will hold large yearly events.

Racing Bicycle Clubs

Some bicycle clubs have dedicated themselves to bike racing and have formed associations for those who have this interest. This is the type of club that those who want to take bike riding to the next level will enjoy. It is competitive in nature. The clubs will hold various types of racing events. There may be competitions held among different racing clubs.

An individual who wants to join a bicycle club should look at what the club’s mandate is and choose the one that appeals to them.