Different Types of Bicycle Routes

What a lot of people enjoy the most about bicycle riding, is being able to ride along different routes. For those who live in Birmingham, there are many different routes to be enjoyed by cyclists, no matter what their skill level is at.

Bicycle Routes in the UK

No matter where a cycling enthusiast is in the United Kingdom, they will surely find a selection of bicycle routes to enjoy. Those that are interested in this can use different resources to discover some of these routes. The media is one resource, the internet is another, and then there are bicycle clubs which will be well aware of where some of the best bicycling routes are.

Bicycling Routes in Birmingham

Birmingham is well known for its great bicycle riding routes. It is a favourite place for many who enjoy this sport. Some of the best spots are:

  • Central Birmingham Canal Ring. This is called the city route. It is one which is enjoyed by both visitors and residents of Birmingham. It is a great way to get around the city and see some of the best sites. Some of the routes allow the cyclists to enjoy attractions such as Ashtead Tunnel, Farmers Bridge Locks and the James Watt Engine on Dartmouth Circus. This is classed as a family bicycle route, as it is easy for riders from the age of eight on.
  • Rea Valley to Worcester to Birmingham Castle: This route is one of the favourites for tourists. Again, it is a family orientated route. The younger ones will surely enjoy some of the attractions on this bike route such as Cadbury World. Then the adults will be impressed with the Birmingham Nature Centre.

These are just two of several different types of bicycle routes which are available for biking enthusiasts in the Birmingham region. Although they are great for family tourists, they are also enjoyed continuously by the residents here.